A World of Fringe

Mary Rose Lloyd

Happy World Fringe Day! I began availing myself of the many riches fringe provides in the 1990s, and year upon year Edinburgh has become a necessary touchstone for recharging my batteries each season. Not only do I discover extraordinary artists to bring to the stages of  The New Victory Theater, but I delight in the rich confluence of culture, arts leaders, and late-night pub dramaturgy with colleagues.

Now, over twenty years later, I still get the same feeling when I discover an obscure company not on my radar, but absolutely wonderful, surprising, daring and new to bring to audiences in New York, and often, the U.S.


The opportunity for international exchange of ideas, methodologies and sentiments makes the ultimate sharing to our audiences – most of them young people – a boon for understanding each other in today’s world. I, and the 110,000 Americans who pass through our doors each year are all richer for it.

Thank you for your work, your artistry and the privilege of introducing you to new audiences. Together, we nurture a curiosity and interest in people and places unlike our own, and underscore the basic human need for good stories.

So, yep, the August pilgrimage to Edinburgh has become not just a key component to my professional process, but crucial to my growth as a curator and cultural ambassador, enriching the theater landscape of New York and the many hearts and minds of New Victory audiences.

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